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tv   Headline News  RT  November 5, 2013 3:00pm-3:30pm EST

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the world's faceless march protest movement anonymous spread their message across the globe with crowds rallying against online snooping government corruption. britain's spy post in the heart of burlington the u.k.'s allegedly been snooping on its german allies in the roof of example see fresh classified leaks reveal. and russia urges the un to pay attention to poorly guarded stockpiles of warrior radio in libya while the eastern part of the country tries to break away now from tripoli a. very
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good morning for me kevin and if you just joined us just past midnight here in moscow this is art international our top story people in hundreds of cities across the world are taking part in mass rallies planned by the global protest group anonymous the day of action is called the million mask march it's uniting those demonstrating against the violation of online privacy as well as corporate greed and corrupt governments protesters wearing those guy fawkes masks are showing their allegiance with the anonymous hacktivist group infamous for its online anti government actions one of the biggest rallies is under way in washington d.c. where hundreds marched on capitol hill activists there reporting several arrests now it is going to church you can join the protesters in the u.s. capitol. here in washington you have different protest groups marching under the umbrella of be anonymous they protest different things to protest what they see is a police state they focused against the persecution of whistleblowers they protest against monsanto the world's biggest producer of genetically modified seeds so generally speaking they see themselves as
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a movement against the government and corporations taking advantage of people. who are. so we're standing next to the white house what do you want president obama to hear you want president obama to hear that five years after the financial crisis the banks being bailed out we're still suffering people are still struggling they're drowning in debt we live in a country that's fundamentally unfair we no longer have the rule of law from the n.s.a. to edward snowden to chelsea manning all over the world people are speaking out whistleblowers are speaking out regular people are speaking out and saying enough is enough we want justice we want to know spot on foreign leaders our own people our own communications the stuff that you need to stop now and some of them say nothing about it and it's not going to stop she were here to say something about the organizers of the rallies here in washington have sent out a clear message of nonviolence to those willing to for dissipate in this rally and it has been very peaceful although as you know the occur activists or the activists
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with the anonymous have shown in the past that they were willing to break the law to get their message across by bringing down government websites for example and people ask if a decentralized mass movement like this can achieve anything other than just making noise well last year they were instrumental in informing people about the so-called legislation that would potentially pave the way to internet censorship the sopa second and then there was the system of legislation that would provide legal protection to internet giants that funnel private information of their users to. use you know the senate eventually did not vote on. legislation and now in light of edward snowden's revelations they demanded drastic overhaul of the n.s.a. last picture of washington but protests are taking off in canada and france a massive demos under way in london to household year of the netherlands spain sweden italy bosnia have all joined in on the global action demonstrations have
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also been happening in choosier in turkey as well as israel in the states and plotting of the map here is that the radar goes right it hits highlighted green is where it's been happening earlier people gathered on the streets too in cities across south africa australia and southeast asia you had online to r.t. dot com if you want to keep up with the live updates on the latest images from rallies across the world. today with a look four hundred cities around the world are hosting mass rallies for fearless just to. follow million mask march on our g. and r t. dot com reporting next tonight of the u.k. is operating a secret listening station within a stone's throw of the german parliament that's what the british newspaper the independent has revealed citing leaked documents from edward snowden the equipment housed on the u.k. embassy roof could be intercepting phone calls and long distance communications
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across berlin artie's peter oliver has more than on this latest spy exposure. it's a case of another day another case of allies spying on each other this time it's the turn of the british it seems these allegations in documents leaked by edward snowden suggest that on the roof of the british embassy here in berlin there was a on the roof listening post now if that's the case it comes just a week after the united states have supposedly removed a listening post of their own on the roof of their embassy which is just next door to the british embassy here in the german capital now there is the argument that this is what they do however there is certainly going to be repercussions from this if it turns out that it is true that the british had this. this this what it would be called an intercept nest on the roof of their embassy it's certainly going to be toxic for relations between germany and britain to close allies within europe and
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it also comes at a time where german cry and get some kind of agreement on not spying on each other so all of this information coming out it seems in a relentless fashion showing that all of these people who held hands as friends around the world wall secretly listening in to what each other were doing now it's been said that the e.u. have asked david cameron's british government for for answers on this the british government have said well it's a matter of security and they don't comment on matters of security it all seems like a very easy and city gave put this to be repercussions from this and it does seem that just because you're a little paranoid doesn't mean that everybody isn't spying on. it all of it willy germany some of the you can bluster over the eavesdropping allegations of a jim steinberg from the german pirate party told me the government actually knew its allies were listening in. the german government of course did notice what was
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happening on the roof top of the u.s. embassy and the u.k. embassy because it's clear for everybody who looks at that building what's going on there but i think that the german interior secret service they are not allowed to investigate on the l a's and this is simply because germany right now is a subclass partner of the b. of the us and they want to become a first class partner so our government is simply selling our privacy and their own privacy to climb up the ladder money troubles job losses pushing europeans to the far right that's what the latest opinion poll showed months ahead of e.u. parliamentary elections mainstream politicians and analysts say it's too early to predict just how many seats the euro skeptic and nationalist parties could win in may twenty fourteen but let's take a look at made broad estimates suggest. new parties could score from twenty to thirty percent of the vote this year we must get in austria the far right secured
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one fifth of the ballot then the movement for better hungary made big inroads in the national assembly in two thousand and ten then the same year in latvia the national alliance came in fourth in two thousand and eleven the true finns party quadruple its share of the national vote party's test for a similar reports next from france where the nationalist movements one of the strongest in europe. they minced no words the purpose of this people pondered on questions european people are realizing that the using them part of the soviet union in fact is destroying their freedom. the authorization of islamic mass immigration to europe has been one of the greatest mistakes of recent decades. and the role fired up to continue. this shake the system. there are two increasingly popular figureheads riding a wave of nationalist movements across europe not quite in the mainstream but no longer on the fringes either germany france the netherlands belgium austria greece
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italy and the u.k. all seeing the success of political parties which in varying degrees are anti e.u. in its current form anti euro and anti immigration. on the day europe doesn't have economic growth nor does it really have the right and the left did not manage to resolve the problems under foreign feeds off and a new pool of voting intentions show that nearly a quarter of french voters would vote for france's national front in the may twenty four thousand european parliament elections that's ahead of the country's two leading parties and this swing to the right could very well sweep across europe as the pens national front and the dutch and islam politician have to builders party for freedom plan their move that's despite reports that builders in the past disapproved of anti semitic remarks by le pen's father while a pen reportedly described the dutch as more radical than she was when it came to
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islam it was in this restaurant the two of the most confrontational politicians in europe had sat down over a meal and got to know each other and in the end they realized that they had more in common that they might have initially thought so much so that full political parties that claimed patriotism they decided to put their differences aside and pursue an ambitious goal changing europe's grand plan it properly. europeans and the french have understood that the political structure of the defense be the best the nation but today the decisions are made in brussels in washington reprise they're not made in france and this cannot go on while a potential alliance between far right parties is already stoking fear into some in the e.u. italian premier enrico letta called the growing popularity of euro skeptics and the far right as the most dangerous phenomenon facing the european union that could lead to the most anti european parliament in history in the end it's
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a numbers game as far as that's concerned the rise of the right is not quite just a blip on europe's radar. r.t.e. paris. meanwhile on the other side of the atlantic some room communities are pushing for the creation of a new state. as american voters head to the polls on election day hundreds of thousands of citizens in colorado are voting on a ballot initiative to establish the fifty first us states details straight ahead. i did a totally different direction to also in the way beauty quit smoking six nations brought up the russian capital as we get is a for the miss universe contest talk about that as well right after this break.
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this is the media leave us so we leave the media part of the scene motion security play your part of the musical. push use that no one is asking with the guests that you deserve answers from it's all on politicking only on our t.v. . commission free cretaceous free comes for charges free the maintenance free. free stews free. download free broadcast quality video for your media projects and a free media owned dog party dot com in.
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a moment i want to. pick up something that is quite simply. was no way oh. clearly they were just at the wrong place at the wrong time. and sold to us so turned over to the u.s. for. the soul that could be buried alive. was saved with great effort. and they wanted to turn me into a terrorist so it was with them they wanted me to admit that i was a member of al qaeda or taliban or that i fought with them. about time i didn't even know what al qaeda is nevertheless there are people all. brave enough to start a fight. something's going to be done that's going to be done by me i have a short amount of time to do it but it's going to impact me i'd be prosecuted but
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it's going to impact. the wife my daughter. the one time a trap. on our teeth. the olympic torch is on its epic journey to such. a one hundred twenty three days. through two thousand nine hundred ton two cities of russia. relayed by fourteen thousand people or sixty five thousand kilometers. in a record setting trip by land. another space. olympic torch relay. alone again diplomats are struggling to pave the way to that peace conference on syria u.n. arab league envoy lakhdar brahimi says the still no fixed date for the summit we
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were hoping that we would be in a position to announce a date today unfortunately we have not well as i for said plan the summit simply found that russia's foreign ministry says the u.s. lacks enough influence to consolidate the syrian opposition and bring it to the negotiating table but also on to the u.s. refusing to invite a run to the summit which should be a crucial participant according to moscow now we had an exclusive opportunity to ask the advisor to president assad talk to siobhan about what's hindering the start of these talks and she sees it. rather good also on the ground however if you are the coalition many a nationalist opposition however if you are the coalition so good that tell us who do this people if the. us congress that's not the step down i think i would call on secretary kerry to speak the same language everywhere are not the changes narrative according to the capital in which he speaks he speaks one thing in cairo something
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that is or that if there are some didn't they're going to vote on something that's a good level i think the simplest thing is that if secretary of the united states should our not his words and speak the same language everywhere and make this sense down. this as the leading western backed opposition groups refused to attend peace talks in geneva unless president assad steps down however both russia and the u.s. do agree that the conference should be held to at any preconditions assad's advisor also says seriously in full support of that approach. the third and government has announced none it dimes that it is that i did that bender never without precondition the problem is with the others host speak many different languages that different places and hokey but didn't conditions we've just learned that that russians and their americans are about to be that your neighbor too should be convened without any preconditions for money aside so that's fine with us
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where you can check out what else to turn to have to say she is the. advisor to the president on our you tube channel teach you to channel is going to play clicks tonight while you take a look if you fancy. russia's or do you want to look into reports that stockpiles of nuclear material in libya are unsecured a warehouse full of yellowcake uranium which could be used to make atomic weapons was found two years ago but the alarm was only sounded after british newspaper revealed al qaeda become interested in the stockpiles as would have used to threaten gordon it's a former commander of the british military chemical defense regiment he says terrorists could find many dangerous ways to use it. it is not highly radioactive itself however we did see a uranium ore i.e.d. in india some six months ago and it did get a hold of this yellowcake. it is potentially could be used in the
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a radiological explosive device or just used to terrify people it's not very toxic but it is radioactive and that would create a tremendous amount of terror if al qaeda got it everybody is is is terrified of radiation and we hear the horror stories for a place like for. where accidents to occur and yellowcake is radioactive it appears to be held in an unsecured store and although it wouldn't present a a health risk for very short periods but long exposure to it and certainly if yellowcake is ingested and you radium miners to suffer from a high degree of cancer from ingesting powders similar to yellowcake so certainly you are not at all surprised they're concerned about it and not happy to have it in their community unguarded. time eastern libya has sworn in a breakaway government dealing a new blow them to the embattled central authority in tripoli named sarah nika by
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local militias there is home to a large share of the country's all reserves that's the key it's also the birthplace to the revolution that incidentally overthrew mom gadhafi in the first place the rebels led by a powerful libyan warlord blocked oil flows in the province this summer that led to a fifty percent drop in exports for his part prime minister elisa down says he won't order a military campaign to oust the armed forces from most all terminals because there's no force in tripoli that could take on such a risk the government's been losing popularity over its failure to deal with corruption and rising instability since the fall of gadhafi some analysts think the split comes with foreign help the central government in tripoli has no control over the country at large and the militias have sidelined tribal leaders and taken over power and this this was the intendant consequence from the beginning the nato or intention was never to do niger libya it was all is the intention
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to split our remember let's look at sudan they split south sudan from sudan because of the oil rich region and they're doing exactly the same here the big guys the area or the big part of libya is always the rich so they're going to split it so that they can control the oil directly there cover stories online to point out sure india joins the league club of countries that take this first step towards a voyage to mars got the pictures on our website to find all the details of the country's first probe heading to the red planet there it goes they also find out more of a video of it in our emotion section. and also online find out which u.s. state to become the first to label genetically modified products to. another breakaway movement is gathering steam this time in the u.s. state of colorado people in several countries appeared to cast their votes on
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whether to form their own independent state of his report and i look at what's motivating them. in a state of five point one million people democracy is failing in the minority and a battle to break away has begun or trying to address a kind of systemic issue within the country which is this rural versus urban divide eleven colorado counties approximately four hundred thousand citizens are voting on a ballot initiative that would pave the way for creating the fifty first us state the urban areas can assert their well against the rural communities and it is like taxation without representation and that the rural communities don't have a voice to block the things that are being forced upon them earlier this year colorado's democratically controlled legislature exerted its power by passing laws fiercely unpopular in the northeastern parts of the state among them. historic gun control laws and mandating only rural areas to produce twenty percent
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of their energy from renewable sources a move officials say will crush farmers and ranchers while also raising the cost of electricity urban legislators imposed one standard on rural colorado and exempted themselves out of that same standard for their urban constituents one might call that tyranny in my thirteen years plus of being a county commissioner i have never seen folks this frustrated this discontent this feeling of this disenfranchise in addition to sending a message to lawmakers here in denver supporters of the fifty first state say their ballot initiative also serves as inspiration for the many other u.s. cities and states with their own secession movements i get told calls on a regular basis. at least once a week from citizens in other states saying hey what are you guys doing out there how you doing this from vermont and north carolina to texas and california the u.s.
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has seen a rapid spy. in secession movements blazing across the nation in the past decade as the united states has grown extremely divided i hope that there's a recognition that a disconnect exists not just here in colorado but in other states and that we need to begin to address that problem the problem of america's partisan politics extends all the way up to the top last month's dysfunctional stalemate in washington caused a sixteen day government shutdown the next step beyond this is going to be more than likely a twenty four statewide ballot initiative which everybody in the state would be able to vote at that point which would redraw the boundaries of the state of colorado however this coveted swing state can only be torn in two with the approval of u.s. congress a powerful legislative body known best for its own failure at reaching compromise merino port ny our party colorado. well news in brief in bangladesh one hundred
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fifty border guards been sentenced to death over a mutiny on the left seven dead another hundred sixty mutineers were jailed for life including a former politician from the opposition bangladesh nationalist party the verdicts to go is to read twenty three civilians also face conspiracy charges. hundreds of march through paris in protest against what they call the unlawful deportation of that fifteen year old roma go whenever we covered this for the past couple of weeks riot police were deployed on their route demonstrations been ongoing for weeks now after the girl in the family were sent back to kosovo the parents were about instantly to reach their fifth year in france not would have granted the residence status now she's been invited but the parents not. thousands of street cleaners refuse collectors have been gathering in madrid to protest against mass layoffs because of city budget cuts unions have declared an open ended strike round of thousands stuff stand to lose their jobs out into the hundreds who became
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unemployed in august workers set fire to trash and chanted calls for the mayor. police say a gunman who opened fire in a shopping mall in new jersey has been found dead the man let off several rounds seemingly at random without injuring anyone before shooting himself in the head is body was found in a back room in one of the buildings that after a massive manhunt involving hundreds of police officers both inside and outside the building. are completely lighter note now russia's capital sparkling with gloss and glamour this week as beauties from eighty six countries fly in for the miss universe competition it's the first time moscow's host the pageant very pleased me doing it too. has been following the event for us. to say that they've been stopping traffic and breaking a few hearts along the way that understatement these girls eighty six of them from eighty six countries have been here in the capital for the last few weeks enjoying some of russia's cultural as well as doing a little bit of philanthropy while they've been here are they going to run cultural
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centers where they've painted might just be a job i mean who doesn't want to take away a little bit of russia when they go back home they've also done further issues on red square iconic center of moscow visited the bolshoi theater and instead also had a little bit of fun of course down at the racetrack just testing out some of those luxury cars that we are seeing around the capital here but wasn't really all about charity given its part of their work and they visited a couple of local colleges centers with my parents and children have given gives as well as spend time with the children but of course today is the start of the official start of the muse universe contact it will see something contestants being picked today who will compete on saturday for that plot of miss universe at the crocus hall in moscow will be giving you all the updates and who doesn't want to be crowned miss universe well something else going with a bang in the steps because extern engineers are making the final preparations for
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thursday's a soyuz so use rocket lift not literally by hopefully if you could take a close look here you can see there's something special about it's a exterior you have to pay very close it's in fact the logo of the sochi twenty forty winter games the crew will be taking the olympic torch up with them into orbit you're now seeing time lapse footage of the rocket being installed on the launch pad up. next they very much doubt it's around thirty years old move a kilometer deep discover the life that blossoms in russia's renowned lake a beautiful place and join the whole city in about thirty three minutes time next.
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the trial of mohamed morsi what is this trial all about constitutional legitimacy or political retribution can morsi get a fair trial with a military backed government the trial is key to show us plan for transition towards democracy to the point is this what message does this trial send to the muslim world. i think the issue of privacy the issue of surveillance hasn't gotten enough coverage in the mainstream media i think the majority of americans don't know what's going on don't understand the significance of what's come out this summer i don't think it necessarily they need to hear about me and my story because a lot of it is one small piece of a much larger puzzle but what i do think that mainstream america needs to hear about and then her stand is just to what google links our government is going to
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conduct surveillance just how much information they're actually collecting and storing in some cases for years you know these are very significant problems these are the types of issues that can do a democracy like ours. is actually what happened there i don't know killed. piers later is when i got arrested for. for a crime i did not do. we have numerous cases where police officers lie about polygraph results. innocent people to confess to police officers don't beat people anymore i mean it just doesn't happen really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like meant no because the psychological techniques are more effective in obtaining confessions than physical abuse and they were often they could get what they wanted.


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